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The TAGEM range of animal eartags has been designed with the South African farmer in mind. Whether its a short-term tagging requirement or permanent traceability that is required, the TAGEM eartag will get the job done.

The unique double-locking system ensures the tag remains secure. It is designed to be easy to apply and can be clearly seen from a distance. The male half of the tag has a flexible but strong shaft which can easily rotate in the ear to reduce the risk of snagging. The wide range of colours together with highly visible permanent marking helps ensure permanent traceability of the animal.

TAGEM is a division of Ramsay Engineering (Pty) Ltd. Ramsay Engineering manufactures and distributes components to the automotive, construction, agricultural and security industries. We focus on technical, quality and delivery excellence whilst protecting human capital and the environment. We have been developing and distributing the TAGEM range of eartags since 1980.

Flexible Eartags

The TAGEM UV resistant, plastic eartag is durable and designed to withstand the harsh South African climate. The curved edges and flexibility of the eartags help ensure that they don't snag. Our patented double-locking system means the tags can't come loose. TAG ONLY ONCE!

Tagem eartags can be laser-etched to your specifications and can carry your own stud logo. Unlike pen marking or hot foil stamping, which tends to fade over time, laser-etched tags will last the lifetime of your animal. The light emitted from the laser reacts with special additives blended into the material of the tag resulting in a permanent marking solution.

Vizitag - Reflective Eartags

Life is priceless. That's why we developed VIZITAG, the reflective eartag which is visible from 500 m away when illuminated by vehicle headlights... even in heavy rain and mist. They are designed to prevent motorists from hitting livestock at night or in poor weather conditions! Take action now as accidents involving stray animals can result in lives being lost and your being held liable for damages. VIZITAG - AS CLEAR AS DAY!