Lasered Tag

Tagem lasered ear tags improve the efficiency and accuracy of your ear tagging process. You can choose to have the tags branded with your farm logo, a QR barcode added or an alphanumeric sequence. The overall result being fewer errors in the tagging process and fewer errors in the identification of each animal!

The tags are more legible (no struggling to read handwriting) and the ink will not fade over time. Put your logo or numbers on both sides of any of our range of ear tags and we guarantee the print for the life of the animal. The surface area of the smaller ones may limit just how much we can get on the tag.

We can laser any of the12 colours we manufacture, but the legibility of the ink on the darker colours may pose a problem from a user perspective as the number/logo will only be easy to read at close range. The minimum order is 10 tags and there is no maximum quantity.

There is no set up cost for alphanumeric lasering, but when a logo is to be included on the tag, the format may require we redraw the logo and so there is a nominal charge. This charge is not levied on repeat orders.

It will take a minimum of 10 days for us to supply the tags and we prefer to agree the delivery date for larger quantities.

The UV resistant, plastic ear tag is durable and designed to withstand the harsh South African weather. The curved edges and flexibility of the ear tags help ensure that they don't snag.

Our patented double-locking system means the tags can't come loose. TAG ONLY ONCE!


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